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Who we are…

Meet the fantastic Rhubarb team and find out more about the Lincolnshire based company.

Betty and Berts Big Day Out
Kirsty and Philip Mead
Artistic Director/Actor

Kirsty and Philip set up Rhubarb Theatre in 2000, and have since been involved in a huge variety of roles for Rhubarb's shows and projects...

Kirsty and Philip Mead
Explorers Galorers Street theatre
Team Rhubarb
Team Rhubarb!

Meet some of the brilliant and bonkers folk who make up Team Rhubarb...

Team Rhubarb
Rhubarbs Theatres Charity Board
Our Board
The Board

Info on our exceptional Board of Directors...

Our Board
Bookworms Street Theatre

Rhubarb Theatre Company was set up in November 2000 by professional actors Philip and Kirsty Mead as a drama resource for the community of Lincolnshire...

Workshop Bumblebees
Support Us
Support Us

Rhubarb Theatre are a registered charity dedicated to providing children and their families the opportunity to learn and play through access to arts. Find out how you can help...

Support Us
Kirsty Mead Childrens Storytelling and workshops
Community Projects

We work on many independent projects with schools, arts centres and family festivals, and with children and young adults who are in most need of the arts...

Community Projects

What we do...

The wonderful works of Rhubarb Theatre - touring children's theatre and festival performances.

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…

Turkey Delights

Turkey Delights

Christmas 2018 Edith and Edna are getting ready for Christmas and they think they’ve found...
The Bombardiers

The Bombardiers

                        Tally ho and...
The Good Knights

The Good Knights!

AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW!  Hear ye, hear ye, hangeth out thy banners, filleth up thy...
The Big Dippers Street Theatre

The Big Dippers

AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW! Summery, splashy, family street theatre! Sun, sand, seagulls and a magical beach...
Sidney’s Shed

Sidney’s Shed

A New Touring Theatre Show from Rhubarb for 2017/18 Maisie is running from the bullies...
The Admirable Admirals

The Admirable Admirals

AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW! Wild and wacky walk-about characters Hoist the flag and shout Aye-aye! The...
Della Maylan and James Hall Childrens Theatre

The Great & Glorious Granny’s Game!

It’s all about travel, adventure and one really surprising grandma! Exploring while stuck at Gran’s,...
Explorers Galorers Street Show Childrens Theatre

Explorers Galorers!

.  Intrepid, family-friendly street theatre! Three intrepid travellers, set off on a wild race around...
James Hall Kirsty Mead Kimmy Macharia Librarian Lil Family Indoor Theatre Show

The Amazing Adventures of Librarian Lil!

It’s all about a love of reading, creative writing and fantastic stories… Librarian Lil has worked in the...
3 Suitcases on the East Midlands Rail line

The 3 Suitcases

A beautiful little festival show about 3 quirky characters that meet by chance at a...
James Hall Kirsty Mead Kimmy Macharia Bookworms Street Show and Walkabout

The Bookworms

Wriggling their way in and out of trouble, The Bookworms pop-up to bring their stories...
The Case of the curious suitcase Childrens Theatre

The Case of the Curious Suitcase

At a small rural train station three people arrive separately on the platform. They are...
Rhubarb Theatre Shhh! childrens Theatre


SHHH! is a story about stories… A whirlwind of words where tales of bravery become...
Mr Blue Sky, Childrens Theatre

Mr Blue Sky

Rhubarb Theatre returns with Mr Blue Sky, an inventive, visually beautiful and fantastical journey into...
The Flying Flapper Poster Children and Family Indoor Touring Theatre Show

The Flying Flapper

The wonderfully inventive life of one of Britain’s most daring adventurers, voted 1925 Bravest woman...

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Storytelling and Street Theatre

Take a look at our brilliant street theatre and community story sessions!

Bookworms Street theatre

Find out about our super-interactive storytelling…

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Street & Festival Theatre
Street & Festival Theatre

Whatever your event needs – we’ve got something to suit!

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Storytelling Sessions
Community story sessions

Story-telling sessions across the East Midlands…

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