Community Projects

As a registered charity, we are dedicated to providing children and their families the opportunity to learn and play through access to arts. We work on many independent projects with schools, arts centres & family festivals, & with children and young adults who are in most need of the arts.

Intergenerational Arts Project: Thanks to the Lincolnshire Community Foundation working with Evan Cornish Grassroots Fund and fundNK, Rhubarb Theatre have been able to deliver an exciting intergenerational arts project around Lincolnshire.  We’ve been working with 5 different groups to:

  1. visit care homes and invite a local pre-school to join us for storytelling
  2. work with over 60’s groups and primary schools to create an arts project together.

    Rhubarb Theatre are currently applying for funding to allow us to deliver an ENVIRONMENTAL project.

    The Project – Our project will be about making communities aware of the dangers facing our environments and giving them inspiration and ideas on the most effective ways to make a difference.


    1. Linking children’s workshop (for 8yrs+) that addresses these themes and allows the participants to find ways to combat the challenges locally and nationally.
    2. Interactive storytelling sessions (for 2-7yrs) that use ‘Wind in the Willows’ as a story base to impart the importance of looking after our waters.
    3. An arts pack containing ideas on how to use rubbish to create fun and useful crafts. It will also contain clear information on what can and can’t be recycled and how best to reduce your waste and help the environment locally.

    If this project appeals to you, please get in touch.  We aim to run this in school and community settings.

    Collection Day’ a fun family-friendly street theatre piece with themes of waste, recycling, reusing, effects of pollution to our wildlife and waterways.