Street & Festival Theatre

Whether you’re looking for mini performances, surprise flash mobs, quirky comperes or playful ‘walk-about’ characters interacting with your guests, we’ve got something to suit!


It’s bin day and 2 rambunctious refuse collectors are heroically cleaning the streets. But what’s this? A dustbin that refuses rubbish.  Delving into its depths, we discover that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, as a wonderful myriad of stories and treats ensue from all that is rubbish and recycled. 

Rhubarb Theatre bring a dustbin of fun, a black sack of eco messages and heaps of mime, physical theatre, comedy, puppetry and creativity into this brand-new storytelling piece. 

The Bombardiers

Tally ho and chocks away.  Three courageous airmen, Roger, Reggie and Rupert are returning from battle when their trusty aeroplane is caught in a freak storm.   The daring heroes bravely leap from the craft and find themselves hurled far and wide.

Armed only with their wits and extremely good looks, who knows where they’ll end up, what adventures they’ll find and if they’ll ever be reunited…

The Big Dippers

Sun, sand, seagulls and a magical beach hut? This is no ordinary day at the seaside…

Our vivacious Victorian paddlers are all at sea for some slapstick adventure and summertime fun. See Rhubarb’s bathing buddies take the plunge, sort their swimwear, practice some strokes and try to avoid the sharks! Making a big splash, they’ll surf the waves of adventure and dive deep into hi-jinks and hilarity.

Grab your bucket and spade and hold onto your swim-hats as The Big Dippers set off on their splendid seaside adventures.

3 Suitcases

A beautiful little festival show about 3 quirky characters that meet by chance at a train station…

Where is the train? Will it arrive?  As time tick-tocks onwards our 3 accidental companions become more and more playful, passing the time in amusing and joyful ways – who knows what might happen next?

Full of mime, physical theatre, music and fun, this is a silly and sweet Rhubarb street-treat for all the family!

Wonderland of Games


Join Rhubarb Theatre for a wonderland experience as you shrink into the gardens of the Queen of Hearts to find yourselves amongst her large lawn games. Once there you might get knotted up in the Alice-themed twister, go crackers with the croquet, or become champions of the chequers board. But watch out for her court jokers, they visit bringing mayhem and madness as the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and even the Queen herself tumble into play.

Wonderland of Games is an interactive experience combining street theatre, family games and weird and wonderful walkabout characters. Created for the Jubilee Fund (Arts Council England)

‘The Book-Ends’ – SHOW

The Book-Ends pop-up to bring their stories to life!

With a rickety old book cart and some novel ideas, surprises leap off every page wherever our papery pals roam.  Join our book-bonkers buddies as they act out tales of whales, bonkers bears and manic monsters. Be amazed as they twist fantastic adventures of pathetic pirates, merry musketeers and hairy hairdressers.

Full of music, comedy and general silliness, Rhubarb Theatre returns with this fun and fantastical festival show that becomes – quite literally – out of this world!

The Time Machine

Irene the Inventor is lost in space and her time machine is ticking her off. Every second counts, so can you help her in her hour of need? But watch out, once she clocks you, she will whisk you off to a Victorian school room, a Roman invasion and even take you as far back as the time of the dinosaurs. So, hold onto your pants because this is an adventure not to be missed.

Brand new family theatre full of music, zany characters, and lots of interaction.



Watch out, watch out, Beetlejuice is about.  These chilling characters are rolling into town, they’ll make you spin the wheel of chance, I hope you’re ready to have a dance…

Josephine and Gerald are out on safari and are hoping to meet some of the locals.  Ideally taking in the sights, stopping off for tea and enjoying pleasant conversation, but their pesky camels have other ideas.

The Admirable Admirals

Hoist the flag and shout Aye-aye! The Admirable Admirals are Rhubarb Theatre’s latest hilarious walk-about characters and they’ll be dropping anchor at festivals and events across the UK.

Nelly, Bones and Fred are here to battle flying fish, each other and any unsuspecting passers-by with their water pistols and salty sea-dog ways.

So hold onto your fancy hats, cause there’s gallons of water and a huge splash of hilarity heading into port near you!

The Good Knights

Hear ye, hear ye, hangeth out thy banners, filleth up thy tankards and with thy mightiest of voices shout hurrah! Our brave and dashing heroes-on-horseback THE GOOD KNIGHTS or RIDICULOUS ROMANS are here to save the day, whether you liketh it or not.

These crazy characters are here to charm your maidens, sort out your urchins and ride off into the sunset with anyone who’ll have them!

The Rainbow Sailors


Whether you want something colourful for a FAMILY festival OR a PRIDE event – Rhubarb Theatre’s Rainbow Sailors will bring joy, colour and a bit of cheekiness to your day.

L’ Escargot

Entree – Giant Snails in Garlic
Main Course – Tiny waiters on trays
Dessert – Creme de la Chaos!

Ooh la la, it is a cuisine uprising – the snails are taking over and getting their own back on their French waiters!
So come out of your shells, slither on over and join Rhubarb Theatre for our brand-new culinary delight.
A walkabout full of garlic, giant snails and outrageous accents!

The Bombardiers

‘I say, it’s those handsome pilots again, and this time there coming through for a fly over’. The Bombardiers make an excellent addition to any vintage or family event.

The Pilgrim Fathers 

That leaky Mayflower is heading from Plymouth to America across the stormy seas, bringing a sea shanty or two.  A perfect walkabout for a Pilgrim Fathers Celebration event. 

The Cheeky Bathers 

Donald has his brand new invention, a bellows camera, why not stop for a photograph, you might be in for a surprise.  This walkabout suits seaside, vintage and family fun events.

The Kiddie Winkles 

Watch out!  Who let the kids loose? The Kiddie-Winkles will get up to all kinds of silly pranks and naughtiness, yet you can’t help but smile – don’t forget you were a toddler once too! A walkabout for family fun events (Check them out on youtube:


We can provide a combination of walkabout and shows to suit your requirements. You can find more information, including on how to book in this PDF:

It’s Christmas and the stars are shining brightly.  However, our three Not-so-wise men are having a few problems with navigation.  Whether it be their enthusiastic camels, their dodgy glasses or simply no one has remembered to pack a map – who knows where they’ll turn up next.

Join Rhubarb Theatre’s newest Christmas crackers and have a giggle as they gallivant around your town.

Bagful of Stars


Sailor Sam is taking a journey to Christmas Island. He’s got his tinsel, his presents and his
bagful of stars and he’s off to find the perfect tree to decorate. But along the way, he
meets lots of interesting characters. So grab your oars, pull up the anchor and let’s set

Flying Santa

Santa & his Avionic Reindeer are Rhubarb Theatre’s latest Christmas Walkabout
characters. Using his latest Bi-Plane transportation, it’s up to Santa to lead his friendly fawns on a fabulous flight of fancy, fuelling his festive ferry as they float down far- flung flues of families from afar. Felicitous faces guaranteed for sure

Elves on Unicorns

Father Christmas is on lockdown and being so very old is concerned for his elf! But don’t worry, Christmas won’t be cancelled this year because his trusty little helpers
are at hand with their magical friends.

Elves on Unicorns is Rhubarb Theatre’s latest Christmas treat. Let these cheeky little chappies loose and they’ll add some giggles and glitter to your day.

I Saw Three Ships

A delightful, original and hilarious addition to any Christmas events, these admirable admirals won’t ‘shiver ye timbers’, they’ll be too busy ‘warming ye cockles’.

Turkey Delights

Edith and Edna are getting ready for Christmas and they think they’ve found their perfect turkey.  Unfortunately the turkey doesn’t agree!

Turkey Delights is Rhubarb Theatre’s latest Christmas walkabout, with lots of slapstick, tin foil and hilarity, there’s not a Christmas elf in sight!

The Christmas train home

‘It’s Christmas eve and three quirky characters stand at the train station waiting for the last train home.  But as time ticks by, the magic of Christmas takes over strange things start to happen …’ A 30minute Christmas show, perfect for KS2.