We at Rhubarb Theatre would like to give a HUGE thank you to all our funders that have supported us during this very difficult year. Without them we would not have been able to be creative and quite simply, to survive.

Sylvia Adams Fund – allowed us to adapt to working online with under 5’s

Arts Council Cultural Recovery Fund – gave us time for R&D towards our new show ‘Dustbin Doris’, paid for a part-time marketing person, and funded equipment to allow us to learn a new way of working

Comic Relief – gave us project funding to adapt 6 online stories for NK families, free books and activities

NKDC Discretionary Grant – allowed us to focus our work in the area, offering our projects to NK as a priority

WLDC Match Fund Grant / Lincolnshire Wolds Small Grant Scheme / SKDC Community Fund – helped fund the creation of our online Eco Arts Pack, working in partnership to bring it to their districts

Tesco Bags of Help – gave us funding to bring Eco packages into 5 Lincolnshire Schools

Lincolnshire Com NKDC Fund – gave us funding for equipment

Disrupt Festival / Lincolnshire Com Net Fund – funded a stop motion animation about parental suicide and a package to support children in Lincolnshire