Package ideas for schools: Key Stage 1

great-fire-of-londonThe following are examples of some of the workshops and story-based sessions we deliver that can link into curriculum themes such as plants, animals and seasons. If you have any queries or are looking for something specific, get in touch via our contact page and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs:

  • Great Fire of London Workshop
    This interactive workshop takes us back in time and follows the story of the kings baker. Role-play, movement and games.  Can involve a making element.
  • Cultural and Geographical workshops
    Whether we visit the rainforests of India, mountains of China or jungle villages of Africa, Rhubarb Theatre will lead your children in an exciting role-play where only they can decide how to solve the problems set before them.
  • Around the World Role-play
    Join Philias Fogg as he takes a bet to make his way around the world.  From mime café’s in France to bartering markets in India, this workshop is a cultural delight.
  • Historical Journeys
    Taking a trip in a time machine, our mad professor will lead your children into a historical tour where we will meet the famous and infamous – this can be tailored to your history needs.