The Flying Flapper

The wonderfully inventive life of one of Britain’s most daring adventurers, voted 1925 Bravest woman in England; Pilot, Wing-Walker, Housewife – Doris Grimblebottom.

Doris seems to live an uneventful life. Retired in her small cottage in the Lincolnshire countryside, the days seem a little lonely. But when her washing machine breaks down, Doris calls out the best handyman for miles around… Stan. Suddenly the opportunities for adventure and DIY seems limitless.

Join Rhubarb Theatre for this flight of fantasy where we discover that there is more to this little old lady than meets the eye. The Flying Flapper is an imaginative and fantastic story, full of inventiveness, humour, mask, puppetry, songs and live music.

Suitable for:  5yrs+ and their families
Running time:
approx. 50mins (& after show chat with actors)

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Adam Elliot – Actor
Yvette Kimber – Actor/Technician
Russell Dean – Mask Designer
Maurice Mulligan – Music Creator
Jason Addison – Lighting Designer
Mark Beeston – Set Maker

Intergenerational/Time Travel Workshop: We bring a group of young people together with groups of older residents (whether this be from an over 60’s Vitality group in the community, or great/grandparents) in a creative role-play workshop where we take everyone on a journey back in time. Starting with a 1912 rescue on the Titanic, we’ll then visit the 1920s, where everyone learns a flapper dance and finally head to the 1940s. History lessons have never been so much fun!

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