The Bombardiers













Tally ho and chocks away.  Three courageous airmen, Roger, Reggie and Rupert are returning from battle when their trusty aeroplane is caught in a freak storm.   The daring heroes bravely leap from the craft and find themselves hurled far and wide.

Armed only with their wits and extremely good looks, who knows where they’ll end up, what adventures they’ll find and if they’ll ever be reunited…

The Bombardiers is Rhubarb Theatre’s latest creative, fun and wacky street theatre, brand new for 2019.

Suitable for:  Ages 5 and up – children and families who enjoy live performance, character interaction, mime, physical theatre, mischief and laughter.
Running time: 30mins. The characters are also available to roam and interact with your visitors across a site.
Ideal for: indoor and outdoor locations.

For more information, get in touch via our contact page…