The Admirable Admirals

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Wild and wacky walk-about characters

Hoist the flag and shout Aye-aye! The Admirable Admirals are Rhubarb Theatre’s latest hilarious walk-about characters and they’ll be dropping anchor at festivals and events across the UK.

Nelly, Bones and Fred are here to battle flying fish, each other and any unsuspecting passers-by with their water pistols and salty sea-dog ways.

So hold onto your fancy hats, cause there’s gallons of water and a huge splash of hilarity heading into port near you!

Suitable for:  Ages 5 and up – children and families who enjoy live performance, character interaction, mime, physical theatre, mischief and laughter.
Running time: Flexible – these characters are available to roam your event or perform in static slots of 10-30mins throughout the day.
Ideal for: indoor and outdoor locations, including schools, heritage sites, festivals, fairs and fun-days.With the flexible and fun nature of the performance the 3 characters are ideal for warming up crowds and entertaining queues!

For more information, get in touch via our contact page…