Street & Festival Theatre

Whether you’re looking for mini performances, surprise flash mobs, quirky comperes or playful ‘walk-about’ characters interacting with your guests, we’ve got something to suit!

Select directly from our touring brochure below or contact to chat about creating something bespoke for your special event, festival, fete or fun-day.

Our Current Street and Festival Theatre:

The Bombardiers

Tally ho and chocks away.  Three courageous airmen, Roger, Reggie and Rupert are returning from battle when their trusty aeroplane is caught in a freak storm.   The daring heroes bravely leap from the craft and find themselves hurled far and wide.

Armed only with their wits and extremely good looks, who knows where they’ll end up, what adventures they’ll find and if they’ll ever be reunited…

The Bombardiers is Rhubarb Theatre’s latest creative, fun and wacky street theatre, brand new for 2019.


The Bookworms

Bookworms Street theatre

Wriggling their way in and out of trouble, The Bookworms pop-up to bring their stories to life!

With a rickety handcart library and some novel ideas, surprises leap off the page wherever they roam. Join our funny guides as they worm their way into twisty and fantastic adventures through imaginative worlds. Rhubarb Theatre’s new touring festival show is ‘bound’ to be crazy!


The Big Dippers

Kirsty Mead Della Maylan James HallSun, sand, seagulls and a magical beach hut? This is no ordinary day at the seaside…

Our vivacious Victorian paddlers are all at sea for some slapstick adventure and summertime fun. See Rhubarb’s bathing buddies take the plunge, sort their swimwear, practice some strokes and try to avoid the sharks! Making a big splash, they’ll surf the waves of adventure and dive deep into hi-jinks and hilarity.

Grab your bucket and spade and hold onto your swim-hats as The Big Dippers set off on their splendid seaside adventures.


3 Suitcases

Three Suitcases Street TheatreA beautiful little festival show about 3 quirky characters that meet by chance at a train station…

Where is the train? Will it arrive?  As time tick-tocks onwards our 3 accidental companions become more and more playful, passing the time in amusing and joyful ways – who knows what might happen next?

Full of mime, physical theatre, music and fun, this is a silly and sweet Rhubarb street-treat for all the family!


The Good Knights

The Good KnightsHear ye, hear ye, hangeth out thy banners, filleth up thy tankards and with thy

mightiest of voices shout HURRAH!

Our brave and dashing heroes-on-horseback The Good Knights are here to save the day, whether you liketh it or not.
Armed with their trusty dusters, litter pickers and shaketh-&-vac, our courteous gents are ready to please and their quest is to help you!!!
The Good Knights are Rhubarb Theatre’s latest hilarious walk-about characters and they’ll be cantering into festivals and events across the UK.

These knights in ‘polished’ armour are here to help any unsuspecting passers-by, but with so many good deeds to be done, one might get a little sleepy.  ZzZzZz – Good night, sir knight.

Walk-about Characters: The Admirable Admirals

James Hall Kirsty Mead and Della MaylanWild and wacky walk-about characters

Hoist the flag and shout Aye-aye! The Admirable Admirals are Rhubarb Theatre’s latest hilarious walk-about characters and they’ll be dropping anchor at festivals and events across the UK.

Nelly, Bones and Fred are here to battle flying fish, each other and any unsuspecting passers-by with their water pistols and salty sea-dog ways.

So hold onto your fancy hats, cause there’s gallons of water and a huge splash of hilarity heading into port near you!

Turkey Delights

Edith and Edna are getting ready for Christmas and they think they’ve found their perfect turkey.  Unfortunately the turkey doesn’t agree!

Turkey Delights is Rhubarb Theatre’s latest Christmas walkabout, with lots of slapstick, tin foil and hilarity, there’s not a Christmas elf in sight!